Isle of Wight self catering holidays – with dogs allowed!

Ask any dog owner and they will be sure to tell you that their four-legged fluffy or furry friend is a ‘bone’-a fide part of the family!

The thought of leaving your dog behind while travelling can be stressful, especially when seeking to find someone responsible to take care of your animal. Of course, there’s just no substitute for being able to travel with your pet.

The responsibilities of UK pet ownership somewhat limits international travel for many. Though it is possible to travel on most airlines with cats and dogs, the expense of pet passports and quarantine requirements can be prohibitive.

What Are The Most Convenient UK holiday options for dog owners?

Self catering holidays that welcome pets are an ideal solution for a wholesome family holiday, where your dog can enjoy the stay just as much as you do.

Sandown Bay, on the Isle of Wight, home of WightBay Holidays, is an ideal location for a family getaway with sub-tropical microclimate, beautiful beaches and landmark attractions. You and your dog can enjoy all the comforts of home in our spacious 2-bedroom chalets.

What Makes WightBay Holidays A Unique Self-Catering Experience?

We make sure your holiday experience on the Isle of Wight comes with everything you and your dog need. Our holiday chalets are surrounded with picture postcard views along an epic coastline set for playful rambles up and down the Culver Downs.

With so many dog-friendly beaches around, allowing you access to the coastline in both on and off peak seasons, WightBay Holidays provides dog sensitive arrangements for Isle of Wight holiday makers throughout the year. Take a virtual tour around our chalets…

Quick tips for successful self-catering holidays with your dog…

Plan Ahead

It pays to plan ahead when booking a self-catering holiday with your canine.

Need advice or want to know more about our location – why not speak with us?

As dog-owners ourselves, we have tried our best to make you an your dog as comforatble as possible. However, if we have missed any details, feel free to ask and if possible, we will endeavour to make special requirements.

Knowing the layout of your Isle of  Wight accomomodation ahead of your visit helps in planning, especially sleeping arrangements.

Be Prepared

No one knows your dog like you. We know how familiar treats, comforts and toys can benefit your dog’s temperament and therefore your overall holiday experience. You should find that our chalets are well equipped, yet roomy enough to accommodate some additional personal items.

Make A Good Introduction

Be sure that when you arrive on-site at the holiday park that you take the time to introduce your dog to their new environment and acclimatise as a family. Be patient and deliberate in showing your pet the areas where they are welcome to dwell and those which you do not want them to enter.

Get Some Exercise

After a cross-Solent ferry trip you will need to excercise your dog. A well excerised dog will be much more relaxed during your stay. Start getting to know our miles of historic coastline at Sandown Bay, with direct access to the beachfront from the chalet park.

Travelling to the Isle of Wight from abroad? Take a look a the latest GOV.UK regulations and advice.

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