Self Catering With A ViewTry the Isle of Wight for the ultimate self-catering seaside holiday.

Holidaying on home shores is an increasing trend for UK-based holidaymakers. And why not?

The UK attracts a whopping 36.1 million visitors to its shores annually and enjoys a favoured position as the eighth in the UNWTO league table of international tourist arrivals.

It is no surprise that us Brits are now rediscovering the great outdoors within the nation’s islands. In addition, the great British seaside holiday is enjoying a great resurgence for a whole new generation of families looking for a good value getaway.

With miles of world-class coastline and award winning beaches, the Isle of Wight is the seaside destination of choice for the sea-loving UK tourist.

Coastal Self-Catering for Every Taste

One of the beautiful things about the Isle of Wight is the sheer diversity of landscape from the bucolic beauty of its rolling downlands to the tropical chines and nautical marinas. However, for most people (especially children) nothing can complete with a broad sandy beach.

Therefore an Isle of Wight, self catering beach holiday is a great choice for a memorable break, that all the family can enjoy – plus it is cost effective too.

Catch The Wave with Wightbay

The opportunity to have a base near the sea makes a beach holiday one of a kind. WightBay Holiday’s chalets are not only a convenient distance from tons of water-based fun, but also the sights, sounds and salty sea air too for which this location is incomparable. Many people enjoy the opportunity to stay at local hotels with sea view for this reason.

In our experience though, good quality self catering acommodation on the seafront, may be a little more difficult to find. This is one of the many reasons why we started up WightBay Holidays.

With postcard views as you look out of the window, we found the area an irrestible find – as we came to know later that it’s one of the Isle of Wight’s most beloved stretches of coastline. This cliff-side, sea view vantage point allows you enjoy the best of the nearby sandy beaches and as well as the grassy heights of Bembridge Downs.

Self-Catering Chalets by the Sea

Our favoured location atop the Culver Down Cliff means that as our guests you can enjoy being situated amidst great natural beauty, yet all within our fenced-in private holiday centre, the residence of our beautifully appointed luxury holiday chalets. Stunning views of the Culver Downs and the gorgeous shimmering turquoise Sandown Bay can be enjoyed from the holiday centre, meaning every day is a seaside day.

Inside our chalets you will not be able to forget that you are by the sea with our nautical interior decor and coastal wood cladding and decking. We have worked hard to ensure that your stay will be both memorable and comfortable with quality furnishing and fittings to accommodate a party of up to 7 in warmth – all year round.

Although in a rural setting, our holiday centre is served well by a main road with a good bus connection – many  guests find this handy for enjoying the rest of the island. Having become smitten with this outstanding coastline ourselves, we are sure that you will be find it every bit as restorative as we do.